parlament 2019

On 21st March 2019 over 500 students and teachers from 21 countries gathered in the European Parliament hemicycle in Strasbourg for an Euroscola Day. They had a very busy schedule which included  schools' presentations, discusions and touring the Europarliment building. 

  Every school arrived at 8:00. After going through the security and welcoming students, everyone got an identity card and a schedule for the day. Guests had a moment for a coffee break and then multilingual working groups were created and the participants were divided. Afterwards, everyone gathered in the Chamber of the European Parliment. Students had the opportunity to take seats of European Deputies. Disciplies from every school introduced the place they come from which appeard to be a very interesting experience and gave everyone a chance to get to know something new about other participants. After a sounding, the administrators of the European Parliament presented the Europarliment and the European community. At the end of the morning session students could ask their questions directly to MEP Edouard Martin.

  At 12:45 p.m. was a lunch break in the European Parliment's restaurant and then an 'Eurogame' started. The participants had to create multi-national four-person groups and collaborate to understand questions which were written in different european languages.

  Next, at 2:00 p.m. the working groups gathered in the committee rooms where young people talked and exchanged their views on first-rate matters in Europe. They also chose a spokesperson and an editor among themselves. At the time young reporters had a press conference with M. Luis Martinez Guillem who is a director of the liaison office of the EP of Strasbourg, took a group photo and interviewed each other. They also watched a 360° movie about Parliment.

  At 4:00 p.m. students returned to the Chamber to present their reports adopted in working groups. They related to very important issues like:  the enviroment and renewable energies, security and human rights, 2019 european elections, the future of Europe, migration & integration, youth employment. Paricipants have raised very important matters such as how to promote sustainable development, importance of fundamental rights, restiricting human rights when security is at stake, impact of voting on Europe, how to encourage people to take part in the 2019 European elections, changes, globalisation, future of our continent, migration and integrafion between Europeans, its neighbours and refugees, a duty of solidarity and employment opportunities for youth. Each of the acts wee passed by a majority of votes.

  At the end, there was a final of Eurogame. Four best groups were selected to face each other.  Teems competed fiercely, but there could  be only one winner. The rest of the students also could answer some questions and in that way to help to get a point for the groups.

  At 6:00 p.m. there was a departure. Everyone was exhausted, but very happy after an entertaining day spent in Europarliment.

Karolina Kuna from Poland














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